About KCS

The team at Kent Citizenship Services (KCS) has extensive experience in the sector of international consultancy, today we are one of the market leaders for advice on citizenship and residence services.

KCS provides intelligent citizenship solutions to clients seeking to diversify their personal and business opportunities.

We have highly experienced, qualified staff with backgrounds in legal, finance and real estate who will listen to our clients’ needs in order to offer the highest standard, impartial advice on Investor Immigration Programs around the world.
We only offer our client’s services related to our previous experiences, all programs are legal, secure and achievable with no risk. We provide a careful assessment of the real necessities of any individual customer in order to provide specific solutions to each area of interest, and the right level of flexibility, which is necessary to ensure personalized services to your particular needs. We offer professionalism and efficiency and at all times ensuring an absolute level of privacy and confidentiality.

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