About Dominica

Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominica Republic) is a small island situated in the Caribbean Sea, between Martinique and Guadeloupe, two French territories.

Dominica is part of the Commonwealth, having used to be a British colony. Its political system is stable and peaceful, based on the British parliamentary system.

It has a population of just over 70,000 people, The language of the island is English, some islanders also speak Creole and French.

Dominica is a member of the United Nations (UN), the British Commonwealth, the Organization of American States (OAS), Caricom and various other international organizations.

Dominica has been nicknamed the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” for its unspoiled natural beauty and holds the world’s second-largest hot spring. The island features lush mountainous rainforests, home of many rare plant, animal, and bird species.

 Known As Commonwealth of Dominica
Capital Roseau
Head Of State President Charles Savarin
Head Of Government Roosevelt Skerrit
Form of Government Parliamentary republic
Location Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, about half way between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago
Size 754 km²
Population 72,000
Language English
Currency East Caribbean dollar
Dialing Code +1