Week 1 After completing internal due diligence 50% of the advisory retainer fees are required to begin

KCS will assist in sourcing the best investment opportunities based on the clients personal preferences. We have a portfolio of partners which will enable us to provide a mix of investment opportunities.

Week 3 Once we are confident the files are in order we will submit the application to the Government with the Sales and Purchase agreement

Full payment for the property (min €500,000) this will be paid in to an escrow account.

Payment of chosen investment
e.g for the fixed deposit the client will open a bank account in Cyprus, a fixed deposit of €5 million Euros, will be deposited. Proof of this fixed deposit which is to be held for a minimum 3 years will be provided for the use of completion of citizenship.

Payment of government fees

3 months on Citizenship is approved

The main applicant and spouse  should go to Cyprus in person to take an oath of allegiance and receive their passports

Upon the receipt of passport, the real estate funds in escrow will be released to the developer

Any children may then apply for citizenship at this point.