Greek Golden Visa – Permanent Residence 

On the 18th April 2013, Greece introduced Law 4146/ 2013 offers a renewable five-year Greek residency visa to foreign nationals who invest at least €250,000 Euros into residential real estate that is physically located in in Greece.

A residence permit for five (5) years is issued and can be renewed indefinitely

As a member of the EU and various other international organizations, securing Greece Residency allows visa-free travel, family security and access to highest standards of healthcare, education and business opportunities.



Citizenship is possible, only after completing the necessary requirements as per the Greek Nationality Code (Law 3284/2004) via the process of naturalization.

In accordance with these regulations, applicant may apply for citizenship after residing in Greece for seven years and can only be achieved if the applicant can demonstrate that they have established close ties with the country and that they have successfully integrated into Greek society, both financially and socially, this will also include a language examination.