Process and Cost


Step 1                     Review & select real estate investment

KCS advisers will work with you and our partners to select the most suitable properties   available

Step 2                     Select property/ies

We will coordinate and arrange any trips to Cyprus to view and meet with the developers of choice. KCS have undergone stringent diligence process on each development to ensure the real estate developments are at the highest calibre and secure investment

Step 3                     Sign purchase agreement and transfer funds to a secure account.

Step 4                     Preparation of citizenship application and Pre Approval

KCS advisors will assist you in compiling you application for citizenship with all the relavent documentation. We will review all the documentation, our lawyers will complete an pre clearance check

Step 5                     Citizenship and PR application submitted to Government

Application lodged, together with the property purchase agreement and all required documents, at the Ministry of Interior.

Step 6                     Issue of Cypriot citizenship and collection of biometric ID Cards

Step 7                     Naturalisation of children