Process and Cost

Step 1 – KCS will provide a free consultation and pre-screen of your passport copy for government pre-approval. Providing we are clear to go ahead a down payment of the professional fees is required to open your application.

Step 2 – You will be allocated a specialist consultant to guide you through the collection of the documents required according to the Government checklist.

Step 3 – Your application is then submitted together with the due diligence and government processing fees

Government Fees
Main Applicant – EUR 5,000
Spouse – EUR 2,500
Child below 15 years – EUR 1,000
Dependent child 16-29 yrs – EUR 2,500
Dependent parent above 55 yrs – EUR 5,000

Due Diligence Fees
Main Applicant – EUR 6,000
Dependents over 16yrs – EUR 5,000

Passport Fees
300 per person

Step 4 – The Government will release the results of the back-ground check, along with an approval pending final payment

Step 5 – Following the issuance of the letter of approval, you are requested to transfer the donation amount, government service and biometric passport fees.

Step 6 – Citizenship Certificate issuance. Once the decree of the president of the Republic of Moldova granting citizenship is issued, you will be invited to take the oath of allegiance, to receive the citizenship certificate and to provide biometric data at an agreed venue

Step 7- Passport issues and received