Process and Cost

The process of applying for citizenship is rigorous and requires diligent preparation in order to gather all the information needed. Application timelines can vary and be difficult to predict, although they usually depend on how easily an applicant can access the required documentation, as well as the complexity of the application as a whole. We generally advise clients that it will take 1 year to obtain citizenship of Malta from the time an application is submitted to the Government.

The process may be simplified into the following steps:

Step Process
Step 1  – Apply for Residence




start the process of residency

An application is formally submitted to Identity Malta with the essential supporting document


Payments due now include the due diligence fees, passport fees and a deposit of €10,000 on account of the €650K contribution, less any payments made on applying for residency.


Evidence of source of funds to be presented.


Step 2


Maltese Government processing of the application and due diligence checks.


Identity Malta confirms if documentation submitted are formally in order



Step 3

Approval in principle


This is the approval of the process conditional only to the fulfilment of the obligations of the IIP.

Step 4 Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund.


You will receive a letter requesting contribution – this must be paid within 20 days

Step 5 Within 4 months of approval, investment in both real estate and financial instruments.

Provide evidence of Property Purchase  (min €350k)/ Rental (min €16k)

Provide evidence of €150K investment

Step 6 Completion of residence requirement.

Issue of Certificate of Naturalisation (maximum time to issue: 2 years). Subject to: Oath of Allegiance, 1 Year residence.


Step 7 Citizenship certificate issued; passport application and issuance.