Citizenship and Investment

The Citizenship by Investment Program in St. Kitts and Nevis has the most established and respected, law-based, legitimate program based on statute allowing investors to enjoy the security of knowing any citizenship granted may not be revoked irrelevant of changes in the governmental executives or policy. Regulations regarding citizenship-by-investment are contained in Part II, Section 3 (5) of the Citizenship Act, 1984.

To qualify for citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis under its Citizenship-by-Investment Program, the Government requires either an Investment in designated Real Estate with a value of at least $400,000 (plus additional government fees), or a contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF) at a minimum  of $150,000

Sustainable Growth Fund Option

Applicants can donate to the following amount dependant on the family size.

  • Single applicant: US$150,000.
  • Family of four members: US$195,000.
  • Additional dependants: US$10,000 per person.

Real Estate Investment Option 

Purchase property from an approved government real estate project for at least:

  • US$200,000 (with a minimum holding period of seven years) for a minimum of two applicants.
  • US$400,000 (with a minimum holding period of five years) for one applicant.

Additional Government processing fees are:

  • US$35,047 for the main applicant.
  • US$20,047 for a spouse.
  • US$10,047 per qualified dependent

A list of the approved project lists can be seen on the Government’s official website


Due diligence fees for both options is required

  • $7,500 for the Main Applicant
  • $4,000 for all dependents of 16 years above

Each passport will cost $350 and the applicant gets a Biometric Passport

*Legal Fees to be added depending on each case.