Process & Cost

Step 1                     50% of the initial retainer fee is to be paid by client (variable depending on the size of the family)

KCS will provide, guidance and assistance in preparing all relevant documents for the citizenship application


Step 2                     Once we are confident the file is fully prepared the client will then be required to pay the remaining 50% of the retainer fees along with the due diligence fees and 10% of the government fees.

If the client choses to go ahead with the real estate option they will also be required to pay an initial deposit of approximately USD 40,000 or 10% (depending on the developer) in order to reserve the property.


Step 3                     The file is sent to the CIU in St Kitts  for processing along with the due diligence fees

USD 7,500               for Main Applicant.

USD 7,500               for Spouse.

USD 2,000               per dependent child 12-17 years old.

USD 4,000               per dependent child 18-25 years old.

USD 4,000               per dependent parent aged over 65.


Step 4                     After 30-90 days (*No more than 60 days for those applying via the fast track) the Government will release the results of the back ground check, along with an approval pending final payment


Final Payments will be due at this stage

For the Real Estate option the balance is payable. To complete the process we require the title deed of the property.


For the NDF option the contribution is now due

Government Fees –

USD $50,000           for main applicant

USD $25,000           for spouse

USD $25,000           for each qualified dependent


Step 5                     The Government will release a Certificate of Registration (COR)

Step 6                     Process passport application

Step 7                      Passport received