Process and Cost

STEP 1 (day 1)            Client signs the KCS retainer agreement and pays the initial 50% of the retainer fees (this varies on the size of the family application).

Providing we believe you have a strong case we will provide you with the application documents along worth all the support and guidance in collecting the relevant documents for the process

STEP 2 (week 1)         Choosing the real estate – we have real estate professionals who are able to guide you through the process of choosing the best project suited to your needs

STEP 3  (week 2-3)     Once the file is ready we will obtain an initial approval

Client is required to pay the remaining retainer fees along with the due diligence fees and if going down the real estate option a down payment on the property will also be required and will transferred into the lawyers Escrow  (normally 10% but can vary depending on developer)

The file is then sent to Saint Lucia for processing

STEP 3 (2 months)            Upon completion of the background checks the Government of St Lucia will provide a letter of approval.

The average processing time from receipt of an application to notification of the outcome is three (3) months. Where, in exceptional cases, it is expected that the processing time will be longer than three (3) months, the authorised agent will be informed of the reason for the anticipated delay.

Once approval is granted the client will then be required to make the final payment of all remaining fees

For the real estate option the remaining balance of the property purchase price is transferred into the Escrow Account or directly to the developer if property is fully built to complete on the property purchase and obtain the Citizenship Certificate.

STEP 4 (month 3)     Once the fees are received the Government will issue a certificate of registration of naturalization (CON), this CON will be used to apply to the home office the passport application.

STEP 5 (month 3-4  weeks)    Passport Received