Citizenship and Investment

Turkish citizenship has been introduced to Article 20 of the Regulation. Accordingly, if Capital Markets Board determines that a foreigner has purchased a share of real estate investment fund or venture capital fund with a minimum requested value of foreign currency or equivalent Turkish Lira on condition that the share would be hold by such foreigner for three years at least, Turkish citizenship can be obtained upon a Presidential decree.

Investment Options

In September 2018, the Turkish  government reduced the minimum investment amount from USD one million to USD 250,000, which has been made it one of the most attractive citizenship-by-investment programs available today.


•Main applicant ust be over 18 years

•Spouse and children below18 years old can be included

Investment amount:

USD 250,000 to purchase one or more properties in Turkey

•Exit strategy:

properties retained for 3 years at which point can be resold.